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Sustainable, Recycled Glass Dinnerware Set | 16 pieces

Sustainable, Recycled Glass Dinnerware Set | 16 pieces

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Sustainable Dinnerware Set

  • Versatile Dinnerware set is a Microwave, Dishwasher and oven-safe

  • Easy to Handle - Thin & Lightweight Design

  • Perfect for Familes - Dinnerware set serves 4

  • Four 10.5-in. dinner Plates, four 9-in. lunch plates, four 22-oz. bowls & four 10-oz. bowls

Color: White
Brand: Corelle
Pattern: Solid
Collection Name: All
Finish Type: Glossy
Mateiral: Glass
Dishwasher Safe



- Buy a simple plain white set of Corelle plates
- Use these plates as your everyday dishware
- Use them for parties and gatherings instead of paper or other disposable plates
- Corelle plates are cost-effective so losing some plates means they can easily be replaced - use simple and long selling patterns where the collection can be constantly maintained if there is loss or breakage


  1. Made of recycled glass
  2. Can last 50 years or more
  3. Many designs are simple, and elegant and have been around for decades - these collections can be maintained with new additions when there is a loss or breakage
  4. Made in USA

Noteworthy Product Attributes

These plates are stronger than porcelain but also very light. As a result, they are ideal for everyday and family use.


Plastic Dinnerware


  1. Plastic plates will accumulate scratches and other damage from regular use
  2. Plastic may leach into your food when heated such as in the microwave - this is especially a problem with oily food
  3. May become warped in the dishwasher - especially in the bottom rack of dishwashers with heading elements

Overall Sustainability Score - 79 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 10/10) -
Manufactured in the USA close to its target market

Distribution (Score - 10/10) -
Distribution is traditionally not far from the target market.

Cost (Score - 7/10) - Comparably priced to many other similar options. No significant premium

Packaging (Score - 7/10) -  Mostly paperboard but contains plastic

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - Chip-resistant plates that have some level of elegance. Simple and classic designs.

Lifespan (Score - 8/10) - Made of recycled glass, the dishes can ultimately break but should have a multi-decade lifespan

Fun (Score - 6/10) - Less delicate than stoneware, these plates add a touch of elegance without fragility

Relevance (Score - 8/10) -  Ideal for daily use and for special occasions. Great dinnerware for holidays when dishes may be carried to various parts of the house by guests. These are not so expensive as to be missed

Disposal (Score - 8/10) -  Will not generate microplastics when disposed of

Recycling (Score - 5/10) - Cannot be recycled as these plates are made of tempered glass that is tougher than standard glass used to make jars