Remove microplastics from your home and begin adopting sustainable practices and products

The Tribalist has made moving to a more sustainable way of living easy. We've looked at each individual room in the home and determined steps we can take to be more sustainable, financially prudent, and fulfilled. 

Sustainability involves buying items that are not single use, have relatively long lifespans, don't pollute the environment at the end of their life, and are recyclable.

Taking this approach provides everyone an easy way to start making changes one area at a time at a pace that is reasonable for them. 

Within each room, we examine subcategories such as Cookware for the Kitchen or Cleaning Supplies for the Bathroom. The Tribalist goes further and provides luxury, premium, and even do-it-yourself options for each sustainability upgrade. 

Switching to sustainability provide more joy, last longer, and actually cost less than many traditional options.


Modern lifestyles are unsustainable for us as individuals, for our families, for society, and for the environment. 

The Tribalist explores a better way of living. We examine what we consume, how it impacts us, and what alternatives can give us more joy by serving their intended purpose, potentially saving us money, improving our health and longevity, and minimally impacting the environment. 

Many of the products we've curated will last a lifetime and are heirloom objects that can be enjoyed by successive generations.

Sustainability for Everyday Living

We've tested many of the products offered to give you the very best in curated home goods. Our goal is to make it easy to begin your sustainable lifestyle transformation.

Making the switch to more sustainable products is the first step in upgrading your world. This transformation will bring you more joy, keep more money in your pocket longer term, and to be less harmful on the environment.