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One space at a time, is where sustainability starts!

At The Tribalist, we believe that sustainable living starts at home. With our One Room Sustainability Transformation Package, we're here to help you turn your space into a sanctuary of sustainability

Most Common Spaces:


From food waste to packaging, our kitchens generate a tremendous amount of our regular household waste.  The products curated here have long service lives, emit only a limited amount of microplastic, or can be recycled. 


Our bathrooms are a source of many single-use or limited-use items from razor cartridges to shampoo bottles. The curated items here will help limit the amount of waste generated from one of the smallest rooms in our house.

Home Office

Little investments away from plastic and unsustainable materials matter.  The home office can be full of small plastic items that can actually be avoided. From pens, staplers, and chairs; sustainable alternatives can replace traditional offerings.

Closet / Wardrobe

Our clothes, accessories, shoes, and other garments can be a significant source of microplastics. Each wash with polyester clothes, as an example, releases countless microfibers. The Tribliast opts for rich, natural fabrics.

Don't see your space? We'll help you!

We cover the entire home and outside to curate any sustainable journey.

  • Katie S. Bay-Area, CA

    "The Tribalist worked patiently with me to make a stressful home move process into an opportunity to build a beautiful space all my friends are asking about!"

  • Lia R., New York, NY

    I had no idea how much I didn't know about the signficant advantages of living plastic-free. The Tribalist helped filter key concepts to me that have made my family healthier and happier!"

  • Shawn R. Bay-Area, CA

    "I bought this as a gift for my wife and she was so happy to have some one help organize our kitchen in ways that fit our lifestyle. I didn't realize this would actual cut down our grocery spend."

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