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Reusable Travel Utensils | 7-piece eco-friendly set

Reusable Travel Utensils | 7-piece eco-friendly set

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This luxury portable travel cutlery set is made of high quality food safe grade 304 stainless steel and includes dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, chopsticks, cleaning brush, straight straw, and carrying case. It is suitable for travel, camping, school, flight, or workplace. The set is sturdy, durable, and stylish, and comes with a easy-to-handle carrying case and carabiners for quick attachment. Its 304 stainless steel construction with titanium plating is dishwasher safe. Perfect for daily use or as a gift for outdoor activities.


Brand: Gugrida
Number of Pieces: 7
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Product Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe
Recommended Uses For Product: Camping or Travel
Special Feature: Rust Resistant
Finish Type: Polished
Included Components: Case



  1. Many states have banned single-use plastic utensils
  2. This set can be kept in the car or backpack and used instead of disposable flatware
  3. Keep a silicon stash bag to hold utensils after use
  4. Given the price point, buy several sets to always be prepared


  1. These utensils are perfect substitutes for single-use plastic utensils when on the road
  2. The set covers most needs from spoons, forks, knives, straws, and chopsticks. The set also includes a pipe cleaner
  3. The canvas sleeve is fully biodegradable
  4. The utensils themselves are infinitely recyclable


Disposable Plastic Utensils


  1. Avoid plastic when you can - small decisions add up
  2. Single use plastic utensils have a 30-minute lifespan and then end up in landfill
  3. Very few plastics are recycled outside of Japan as such these will end up in landfill
  4. Once in the landfill, the utensils will start to emit microplastics

Noteworthy Product Attributes

Perfect on-the-go utensil set that offers an alternative to single-use plastics on the road. If you don't need to grab disposable restaurant utensils, don't. Use these instead.

Overall Sustainability Score - 86 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 5/10) - Not made close to the target market

Distribution (Score - 5/10) - Not made close to the target market

Cost (Score - 8/10) - Cost about the same as a pack of disposable plastic utensils

Packaging (Score - 8/10) -  Comes mostly in paperboard and cardboard packaging with some plastic (bag)

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - This is a very versatile kit and ideally suited for an "on the road" option for utensils. Many restaurants are not providing single-use utensils by law. These serve as a great alternative option

Lifespan (Score - 10/10) - Will likely last a lifetime with appropriate care

Fun (Score - 10/10) - Nicely packaged in a canvas roll-up sleeve. This utensil set covers most needs

Relevance (Score - 10/10) - A broad set of utensils means most needs are covered with this set

Disposal (Score - 10/10) - Made of steel and waxed canvas. The majority of this set is infinitely recyclable or biodegradable

Recycling (Score - 10/10) - Made of steel and waxed canvas. The majority of this set is infinitely recyclable or biodegradable