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Stainless Steel, Sustainable Home Breadmaker | Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Stainless Steel, Sustainable Home Breadmaker | Eco-Friendly Kitchen

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Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, the Zojirushi breadmaker ensures longevity and reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimizing waste. By allowing you to create delicious homemade bread from scratch, it empowers you to reduce reliance on store-bought bread packaged in single-use plastic.

Our breadmaker is energy-efficient, consuming minimal power during operation, and its programmable settings optimize resource usage. Say goodbye to unnecessary packaging and transportation emissions associated with store-bought bread, as you embrace a zero-waste lifestyle with freshly baked loaves right from your kitchen.

We are committed to sustainability, which is why our breadmaker is manufactured using environmentally friendly practices and materials. Its sleek design complements any kitchen aesthetic, adding both style and functionality to your culinary space.

    Color: Stainless Steel / Black
    Product Dimensions: 10.5"D x 18"W x 12.88"H
    Wattage: 700 watts
    Brand: Zojirushi
    Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
    Voltage: 120 Volts
    Item Weight: 24 Pounds
    Material: Material Stainless Steel
    Capacity: 2 Pounds



    1. Watch a few instructional videos on how to make homemade bread
    2. Gather the relevant ingredients such as flour and store them in large mason jars
    3. Establish your system in terms of the day of the week when you'll have time to bake your bread
    4. Use the breadmaker which makes bread-making extremely convenient
    5. Enjoy your bread


    1. Homemade bread won't contain dangerous chemicals
    2. No single-use plastic per loaf is used for homemade bread
    3. Homemade bread tastes fantastic

    Noteworthy Product Attributes

    Zojirushi products are high quality and often last 20 years or more


    Store-bought sliced bread


    1. Store-bought sliced bread is full of preservatives and chemicals - many of the chemicals in US bread are banned around the world
    2. The bread is almost always in a single-use plastic bag
    3. It also almost always tastes bad

    Overall Sustainability Score - 66 / 100

    Score Breakdown

    Manufacturing (Score - 8/10) -
    Manufactured in China close to primarily Asian markets.

    Distribution (Score - 8/10) -
    Manufactured and distributed in China close to primarily Asian markets.

    Cost (Score - 5/10) - This represents a significant upfront investment relative to buying ready-made bread.

    Packaging (Score - 7/10) -  Arrives in a cardboard box with some plastic wrapping and padding inside.

    Effectiveness (Score - 8/10) - Makes making bread at home very easy.

    Lifespan (Score - 8/10) - Zojirushi products have incredible lifespans that can last multiple decades.

    Fun (Score - 8/10) - Makes DIY bread very easy and convenient.

    Relevance (Score - 8/10) -  Very relevant to the specific task of bread making.

    Disposal (Score - 3/10) - This is a mixed material and cannot be easily recycled. May be recycled as part of appliance or electronics recycling programs.

    Recycling (Score - 3/10) - This is a mixed material and cannot be easily recycled.