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American Handmade Stoneware Pottery French Butter Keeper Crock

American Handmade Stoneware Pottery French Butter Keeper Crock

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  • French Butter Crock keeps butter fresh and soft without refrigeration
  • Fill lid with butter, pour cool water into bottom of vessel (excess water flows from hole) and replace lid - butter is now protected with an airtight seal of water
  • Handmade in the USA, our crock is shaped on a potter's wheel, glazed by the hands of the artisan, and fired to a strong, permanent finish
  • Perfectly functional and American made, the durable stoneware pottery crock is lead-free, cadmium-free, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Approximately 5.5 high x 3.5 diameter, 1/2-cup capacity


Little plastic items have a finite lifespan. Ultimately, they wear out and end up in the trash and then landfills. Why start a bad movie when you know how it will end? Instead, buy fewer, better things. The artisanally made butter crock supports local small businesses and avoids the creation of new/more plastics.


  1. These butter crocks will last a lifetime or be heirlooms
  2. Ceramic doesn't generate microplastics
  3. These crocks create simple yet reliable air-tight seals using water. As a result, they cut down on food waste.



  1. Little things add up. Plastic in contact with oily and fatty plastics can leach into food.
  2. Plastic dishes have a limited lifetime as open and closed events wear them out. Most of these butter dishes will last 3-5 years.
  3. Aesthetically, these dishes don't look great and do very little for the soul.

Overall Sustainability Score - 85 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 10/10) -
Made in USA close to target market.

Distribution (Score - 10/10) -
Made in USA close to target market.

Cost (Score - 5/10) - Cost is significantly higher than a lower-priced plastic alternative. Cost maybe 8 times higher than lower-end plastic alternatives.

Packaging (Score - 5/10) - Packaging is largely paperboard, cardboard, and some bubble wrap.

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - Very effective in keeping butter fresh outside the refrigerator.

Lifespan (Score - 10/10) - Between a lifetime and an heirloom. Will last more than a lifetime with care.

Fun (Score - 10/10) - Very fun when combined with making butter at home.

Relevance (Score - 10/10) -  Ideal for intended use. Creates a simplistic air-tight seal for freshness.

Disposal (Score - 10/10) -  Contains no microplastics. Will degrade over time but will not release harmful chemicals.

Recycling (Score - 5/10) - Not recycleable.