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Messermeister Oliva Elite Kullenschliff Carving Knife Set

Messermeister Oliva Elite Kullenschliff Carving Knife Set

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Expertly crafted in Solingen, Germany, these carving knife sets from Messermeister's Oliva Elite collection features high-quality German-made knives

The hot-drop hammer forging process creates a seamless blade, bolster, and tang from a single piece of German steel alloy. The natural Mediterranean olive wood handle provides a secure, ergonomic grip with unparalleled balance. With a 15-degree angle, these knives are easy to maintain and use, with a bosterless heel for streamlined cutting, sharpening, and honing.

Since 1981, Messermeister has been a trusted manufacturer of premium kitchen cutlery, known for their innovation and commitment to excellence. As a family and women-owned company, they continue to bring expertise and creativity to kitchens worldwide.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Messermeister
Color: olivewood
Handle Material: Wood Handle,Steel
Blade Edge: Plain



  1. Rotate into your Holiday gathering toolkit
  2. Keep these knives in their own case or wrapped so they don't bang up against other knives - that dulls them
  3. Periodically oil the wooden handle - once or twice a year
  4. Handwash only - don't put this tool in the dishwasher
  5. Warning: A good set of party tools may lead to more parties!


  1. Will add elegance and convenience to your Holiday party or gathering
  2. Stainless steel will not leach microplastics into the environment at the end of life and neither will the wood handle (many knives have resin/plastic handles)
  3. Can be used throughout the year for entertaining purposes
  4. Is made of infinitely recyclable stainless steel


Synthetic handled knives


  1. Resin and synthetic handles aren't the worst use of plastics but try to avoid them when you can
  2. Try to avoid low-end stainless steel for tough carving jobs like bone since the knives can be more easily damaged and end up in the trash
  3. Opt for German over Japanese steel for working against hard objects like bone

Noteworthy Product Attributes

Add a touch of style and interest to your gatherings

Overall Sustainability Score - 92 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 10/10) - Manufactured close to its target market

Distribution (Score - 10/10) - Distributed close to its target market

Cost (Score - 4/10) - Significantly more expensive than other budget knives with plastic or resin handles

Packaging (Score - 8/10) -  Uses mostly cardboard and paperboard for packaging.

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - Ideal for Holiday carving of meat because of the toughness of German steel that won't chip like Japanese steel might against bone

Lifespan (Score - 10/10) - Should last more than a lifetime with proper care

Fun (Score - 10/10) - Wooden handles make this knife set a joy to use. Feels excellent in the hand. The wood handle absorbs a lot of shock

Relevance (Score - 10/10) -  German stainless steel makes this blade ideal for Holiday work - especially carving meat. Won't chip against bone

Disposal (Score - 10/10) -  Won't emit any microplastics at end of life due to its steel and wood construction

Recycling (Score - 10/10) - Steel is infinitely recyclable. The wood handle is biodegradable.