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MÜHLE VIVO & RYTMO Series Stand for Razors & Shaving Brushes with Bowl | Shave Accessory | Robust Stainless Steel

MÜHLE VIVO & RYTMO Series Stand for Razors & Shaving Brushes with Bowl | Shave Accessory | Robust Stainless Steel

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ROBUST STAINLESS STEEL STAND: This stand is simple, sleek, and distinctive. Display and hold your favorite VIVO and RYTMO razors and brushes for your grooming essentials. This stand comes with a matching chrome bowl for soap or cream.
DURABLE MATERIAL: Designed with a simple but masculine design, this shaving accessory is built from durable stainless steel that is corrosion resistant with excellent strength.
AESTHETIC FINISH: The chrome-plated finish has an elegant look that also feels good in the hand. This stand completes the wet shave kit and makes a perfect gift for any shave enthusiast.
MÜHLE DIFFERENCE: Our actions are driven by an affinity with nature and a desire for the very highest quality. Expert know-how and pioneering spirit flow into every product, whether it be a handcrafted unique item or serially produced goods.
SUSTAINABILITY: As a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony we are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards. Our products come completely without plastic and without disposable cartridges.


Color: Chrome
Material: Stainless Steel, Resin
Brand: M MÜHLE
Item Weight: 1 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.92 x 4.92 x 5.51 inches



  1. Buy your stand
  2. Buy a disc of solid shaving soap
  3. Buy a shaving brush
  4. Buy a double-edged razor
  5. Set up a stand on your vanity or set it up in your tub/shower
  6. Use until end of life and then drop into recycling


  1. Can be used for a lifetime if properly cared for
  2. Is made of infinitely recyclable stainless steel
  3. Will provide everything needed to create a sustainable shaving routine
  4. Will be cheaper over the long run than conventional shaving cream and disposable razor cartridges


Cans of Shaving Cream


  1. Many shaving creams use preservatives to extend shelf life
  2. Shaving cream cans are often mixed material and cannot be easily recycled
  3. Inevitably these will end up in landfills and turn into microplastics
  4. A sustainable shaving kit will mean fewer cans of shaving cream and fewer mixed-material shaving cartridges

Noteworthy Product Attributes

Razor cartridges and cans of shaving cream will be a thing of the past with this shaving kit. The tool will hold your razor, your shaving soap, and your shaving brush. The kit will make your transition to more sustainable shaving a breeze.

Overall Sustainability Score - 90 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 10/10) - Made close to the target market

Distribution (Score - 10/10) - Made close to the target market

Cost (Score - 5/10) - Significantly more expensive than shaving cream in the short term but more economical over the long term

Packaging (Score - 10/10) -  Comes in mostly sustainable packaging - cardboard and paperboard

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - Very effective in providing a complete kit for more sustainable shaving

Lifespan (Score - 8/10) - Will likely last a lifetime or beyond

Fun (Score - 10/10) - Adds an element of ritual to a man-shaving routine

Relevance (Score - 10/10) -  Will likely last a lifetime to provide more sustainable, ritual-based shaving

Disposal (Score - 10/10) - Is stainless steel and infinitely recyclable

Recycling (Score - 7/10) - Is infinitely recyclable.