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Rex Supply Company, Rex Envoy 100% Stainless Steel 3-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor - Handcrafted in the USA, 5 Blade Refills Included

Rex Supply Company, Rex Envoy 100% Stainless Steel 3-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor - Handcrafted in the USA, 5 Blade Refills Included

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Every Rex Envoy Double Edge Safety Razor is completely hand made with 100% Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Every Razor is hand made and hand machined.
Made in the USA with Marine Grade Stainless Steel - Lifetime Warranty from Rex Supply Company
Razor Length - 3.5", Razor Weight - 3.73 oz, Blade Gap - 0.025" Gap
Knurled handle delivers an excellent grip, even with wet and soapy hands
Compatible with all brands of double edge safety razor blades


Brand: Rex Supply Company
Number of Blades: 1
Unit Count: 1.00 Count
Number of Items: 1
Handle Material: Stainless Steel



  1. When your current razor wears out consider this double-edge safety razor
  2. Get a safety razor stand, shaving soap bowl, shaving brush, shaving soap, and signal mirror to make shaving with a double edge razor a wonderful ritual
  3. Your new shaving corner will last for years. Both shaving soap and safety razor blades are much more affordable than cartridge blades and shaving foam
  4. Completely biodegradable at end of life


  1. Solid stainless steel construction that will last decades
  2. Disposable razor blades are extremely affordable and also recyclable
  3. Both razor blades and the razor itself are infinitely recyclable
  4. Very aesthetically pleasing


Standard Disposable Cartridge Razor


  1. Cartridge razors are themselves made of multiple materials that cannot be recycled
  2. The razor handle will ultimately wear out and end up in landfill
  3. Worse the cartridge blades are made of mixed materials (plastic and metal) and cannot be recycled in most municipal recycling centers
  4. Cartridges are costly
  5. Once in a landfill, microplastics will end up in waterways

Noteworthy Product Attributes

A handsome razor that is based on a timeless design that has worked for nearly a century. This razor will last for generations and is a perfect heirloom product

Overall Sustainability Score - 95 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 10/10) - Made close to the target market

Distribution (Score - 10/10) - Made close to the target market

Cost (Score - 5/10) - Initial razor cost is about 7X as much as a cartridge razor but the total long-term cost of ownership is about 20% of a cartridge razor

Packaging (Score - 10/10) -  Comes in a paperboard box. Could be more aesthetically appealing and sturdier

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - Very effective safety razor that is well designed by experts in the space

Lifespan (Score - 10/10) - Is an heirloom piece and will last multiple generations

Fun (Score - 10/10) - Feels wonderful in the hand and well weighted

Relevance (Score - 10/10) -  Perfectly designed for a close shave - uses a timeless design that has worked for generations

Disposal (Score - 10/10) - Will not emit any microplastics at the end of its useful life

Recycling (Score - 10/10) - Is infinitely recyclable.