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Sustainable Garending Caddy

Sustainable Garending Caddy

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Made from high-quality galvanized steel, this BEHRENS cleaning caddy is both functional and decorative. Its strong, plastic-free material ensures durability and its rust-resistant properties make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The caddy features a painted red Japanese oak wood handle for added style and convenience, making it a versatile and long-lasting addition to any home.



Plastic has a limited lifespan. Storage containers like these can last around 5 years with regular usage. They will eventually start to crack and degrade with exposure to sun and chemicals. All steel caddies can last a lifetime. When their service life is over, they don't pollute the environment with microplastics. Instead, they can be infinitely recycled.


  1. Steel is infinitely recyclable - these caddies are all steel (aside from the wooden handle)
  2. Many of these caddies will last a lifetime ... or longer with proper care
  3. Around the home, they also don't look cheap and add charm to your environment

Noteworthy Product Attributes

Behrens products are largely made in the USA. However, these caddies are made in China.



  1. Are plastic and have ultimately a limited lifetime - they are not bad
    investments since they have a good lifespan, but non-plastic options exist
  2. Some plastic grinders have plastic grinding components which might lead to plastic getting into your coffee
  3. Not as aesthetically pleasing and clear portions of the grinder can become stained

Overall Sustainability Score - 78 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 5/10) - Not made close to the product's intended target market.

Distribution (Score - 5/10) - Not made close to the product's intended target market.

Cost (Score - 5/10) - Costs roughly 2 to 3X more than a similar, conventional plastic alternative.

Packaging (Score - 3/10) - Uses styrofoam to stabilize the product.

Effectiveness (Score - 10/10) - Large size makes the caddy broadly useful for all sorts of applications.

Lifespan (Score - 10/10) - Coated still will likely last a lifetime.

Fun (Score - 10/10) - Feels durable and has a convenient handle.

Relevance (Score - 10/10) -  Ideal for a variety of portable storage applications.

Disposal (Score - 10/10) -  Will not emit microplastics at the end of life. Unpainted, galvanized variety is likely best in this regard.

Recycling (Score - 10/10) - Steel is infinitely recyclable.