The Plastic-Free Diet

Creating a place where healthy living, asthetically pleasing design, and sustainabilty intersect.

Let's reduce the micro-plastics in our homes together.

The Plastic-Free diet is the modern household's way to eliminate harmful plastics by adopting sustinable ways of living.

From kitchens bustling with activity to serene bedrooms, from efficient home offices to luxurious bathrooms, we take a holistic approach to redesigning your space. Our process begins with getting to know you through our comprehensive questionnaire, where we delve into your lifestyle, priorities, and aspirations for each room.


Our approach is comprehensive, taking you room by room to assess your current sustainability practices and offer practical, actionable, and often more fun suggestions for sustainable alternatives. 

Transforming your home impacts those in your household. As a part of our consultation, we'll provide education and resources for other members of your househouse.

Messy kids? Busy lives? Unsure where to start?

We'll meet you exactly where you are, build a plan, and achieve your sustainability goals

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The Tribalist Transformation Effect

The biggest step is the first step. After, we've found over 85% of our clients naturally begin to adopt more sustainable choices with ease.

We don't believe in mastering the art of becoming perfectly sustainable and zero-waste.

We believe in millions of people "doing" sustainabilty imperfectly.

Learn how the Plastic-Free Diet is transforming how we live.