Gift Sustainability

Looking for the perfect way to show appreciation. Give them the gift of sustainability and organized living with The Tribalist's Business Gifting program!

Our Business Gifting program offers a unique opportunity for businesses like yours to differentiate themselves and leave a lasting impression on their clients.

By gifting them a Transformation Consultation, you're not only expressing gratitude for their business but also empowering them to create a more sustainable and organized home environment.

Here's what the Transformation Consultation includes:

Selection of 2 living spaces: Kitchen, Bathroom, Home Office, or Closet.

Our expert Transformation Consultant will then schedule a 1-Hour Virtual Discussion to kick off the process.

1-Hour Virtual Discussion: During this personalized consultation, our expert consultant will engage your clients in a one-on-one virtual discussion to understand their sustainable goals, lifestyle, and preferences. Together, they'll explore sustainable design options, eco-friendly materials, and practical solutions tailored to their needs.

30-minute Virtual Implementation Discussion: Following the initial consultation, our Transformation Consultant will provide specific sustainability recommendations and review implementation strategies with your clients.

30-minute Virtual Follow-Up Discussion: After implementing the recommended changes, our consultant will debrief with your clients and discuss ways to maintain their new sustainable practices.