Sustainable Characteristics

Infinitely Recyclable

Made of materials such as glass and metal without much material integration to make the product repeatedly and easily recyclable.

Partially Recyclable

Made of materials such as paper that can be recycled a certain number of times before being unusable. Likely a rarely used badge.

Made In USA

Criteria for being able to say Made in USA are pretty high per the FTC. Many people may be looking for Made in USA products.

Assembled in USA

Fits FTC critieria assembled in USA versus made in USA. indicates that a notable number of foreign components were involved in the assembly.


Will mostly decay without leaving a trace of toxic or non biodegradable material within 180 days.

Upcycled, Recycled, Downcycled

Product contains materials that have been recycled, upcycled, or downcycled to promote sustainability


Will mostly decay without leaving notable toxic or non biodegradable material over may years.

Natural Ingredients

Contains natural ingredients that are generally not harmful if ingested

Recycling Partner Program

Has a recycling partner in North America to handle post service life waste

Small Business

The product is produced by a small private business.


The product is largely handmade.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty

Long Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer offers a multi-year program which is often longer than for other products in the same class

Manufacturer Repair Program

Manufacturer offers a formal repair program

Third-Party Reparable

Can be repaired by 3rd parties

Anticipated Lifespan


The product is fully expected to last generations.


The product is expected to last at least a lifetime for 20 years.

Long Lived

The product is expected to last an extended period of time


This product is expected to be consumed versus have an extended life

Price Point


The product is on the very high price range of its category


The product is relatively expensive for its category


The product is reasonably priced for its category


The product is priced below average for its category


The product is part of a do-it-yourself system

Areas of Improvement

Improvement: More Sustainable Packaging

Product packaging could be more sustainable

Improvement: More Sustainable Materials in Product

Could subsitiute some less sustainable materials in the product for more sustainable options

Improvement: More Sustainably Sourced

Could be manufactured closer to the target market or with better suppliers

Improvement: Part of Large Conglomerate

Indicates that the producer is part of a large conglomerate or multinational

Improvement: Private Equity Involvement

Indicates that some or all of the company is owned by a private equity firm