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Handmade Black Buffalo Horn Comb

Handmade Black Buffalo Horn Comb

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Sustainable Comb Set

This comb set consists of two varieties: one with wider teeth and one with standard teeth. Both have handles made of green sandalwood. The measurements are 7 inches in length and 1.8 inches in width per comb. The teeth are made from natural black buffalo horn, a source of protein that may aid in preventing headaches, hair loss, and baldness.

This comb effectively detangles all hair types and minimizes breakage, eliminating snags, static, and frizz. The combination of green sandalwood and buffalo horn not only adds a pleasant, natural scent but also provides a soothing scalp massage experience.

Material: Horn, Wood, Plastic
Brand: Myhsmooth
Hair Type: All
Color: Black, Green
Size: 2 Piece Set



These wood and buffalo horn combs are artisanly made in southern China. They are fully compostable and should have a long lifespan. Unless mistreated, these combs should last a lifetime. Buy it once, buy it right, and never have to buy it again.


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Overall Sustainability Score - 74 / 100

Score Breakdown

Manufacturing (Score - 5/10) -
The country of origin is China. The product is handcrafted.

Distribution (Score - 5/10) -
Distribution may be far from the target market.

Cost (Score - 7/10) - The cost is approximately three times greater than a conventional plastic comb.

Packaging (Score - 7/10) -  The packaging has some plastic.

Effectiveness (Score - 9/10) - Very good fine tooth comb.

Lifespan (Score - 9/10) - Unless teeth are broken, this comb should last a very long time. Not ideal as a pocket comb unlike plastic combs as it won't tolerate warping.

Fun (Score - 9/10) - Feels excellent in the hand.

Relevance (Score - 9/10) -  Good fit for purpose product.

Disposal (Score - 9/10) -  Can be composted.

Recycling (Score - 5/10) - Wood and natural horn cannot be recycled in most municipal facilities, but wood can be composted.