Additional Rooms

We've got your covered.

Sustainability Starts where you want to start!

Starting a new way of living should start in spaces that matter the most to you, that's why we offer options to fit all spaces inside and outside your home.

Additional Spaces:


Vanities include many of our beauty and wellness products.  Many of these use single use packaging or contain harmful chemicals. These curated items are better for you and better for the environment.

Children's Room

Children’s rooms can be full of plastic. Toys, furniture, and even bedding can be full unsustainable materials. High quality alternatives are available if not well known. The Tribalist offers a range of sustainable alternatives to traditional children’s products.


The garage, laundry room, mud room, and potting shed can all be full of unsustainable materials and supplies.  Here you will find alternatives to many traditional products that are likely made of unsustainable materials.

Entertainment/Living Room

The living room, den, entertainment room or whatever you may call it is often the heart of the modern home. Making the heart of your home more sustainable is the mission of The Tribalist. We have curated a variety of sustainable living room finds for you.

Dining Room

We don’t use our dining rooms as much as we used to to have meals together, play board games, and just generally talk to one another.  The Tribalist strives to not only make the dining room more sustainable but also a more desirable place to spend quality time with each other.

Outdoor Patio

The patio, porch, stoop, or balcony is our indoor-outdoor space. It’s unique in that it’s not completely outside, but it’s not inside either.  We don’t spend enough time socializing in our indoor-outdoor spaces. The Tribalist provides sustainable options to make these spaces places we want to spend time.

Yard & Garden

Our yards and gardens are sanctuaries where we celebrate each other and often nature as well. Our immediate outdoors is the perfect space to embrace sustainable practice. Sustainability in our gardens can be about more than just our possessions but also how we use our land.

Fitness Room

Fitness can be sustainable too. Not everything has to be plastic when it comes to fitness tools and equipment.  The Tribalist curates a range of sustainable fitness options.  These options will make your workouts friendlier to the environment and more joyful for you.

Dorm Room

Surrounding our grown children with sustainable products and materials teaches them to respect the earth and be mindful of their choices. Starting college also means setting your gets up for success by being organized. The Tribalist teaches both in one package.